Truck in the Twilight – 1957 Chevrolet 3100

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Spending a Sunday night at church is not unusual for me; doing it in a field is a little unusual, I will admit. However, it paid dividends in other ways this time. As I almost always do, I had my camera in my pocket, just in case I run across something interesting. I didn’t go just for the car spotting, but once I saw this truck I figured I’d grab a few shots. Take a look.
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Unfortunately, I waited until it was almost too late to get any decent shots. The low light setting on my camera doesn’t really capture what I saw with my eyes, so I’ll do my best to explain it to you. It was a comfortable evening, almost cool as the sun set on the low ridge behind us. In front us was the Snoqualmie river, wending its way past the town of Duvall. It’s pretty low this time of year, with warm days and no rain; even though it turns brown and moves slowly, that doesn’t stop people swimming in it. On both sides of us were large fields and a farmhouse not far away. Fog was just starting to form as the evening got darker. As I looked around, taking it all in, my eyes landed on something old and green.

There, sitting quietly by itself, was a dark green 57 3100.

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This truck looks to be a restoration, but all original or NOS parts. It has that interesting (not my favorite) grille – new for 57 – along with matching chrome emblems and a rear bumper. With a set of whitewall tires and some nice wood on the bed, this truck looks like it just rolled out of the late 50’s. I couldn’t track down the owner, but I can imagine he was an older gentleman, maybe in overalls and a cap. I wonder what he hauls in the back of that truck?


[Photos Copyright 2013 Hooniverse/Marcal Eilenstein]

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3 responses to “Truck in the Twilight – 1957 Chevrolet 3100”

  1. FЯeeMan Avatar

    Based on the likely amount of work that went into restoring it, I doubt he hauls anything in the bed beyond a couple of lawn chairs.
    Nice lookin truck, though.

  2. mkep819 Avatar

    Saw one this past weekend very similar to this. Didn't have the wood on the bed, & was painted brown,but I got to see it while it was driving. Also saw about 10 other classics on the road instead of just sitting on the grass. The major car show in Macungie PA was wrapping up, and the cars were going back home. I love car shows, but I really like seeing them in motion.

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