The Gymkhana series is moving forward with a new face. Travis Pastrana has been given the nod and will carry the torch for the vehicular attack entertainment series. To do this, T-Pain-strana needs a new whip. Clearly, Subaru is up to the task here. Or more specifically, Vermont SportsCar is ready to go insane.

Subaru calls it the “most outrageous WRX STI ever”. I’m inclined to agree as this thing is clearly a monster. There are so many wings, vents, cutouts, and more. My favorite part is probably the massive vents in the rear door that feed to the trunk-mounted radiator. And that in turn leads to another massive opening in the trunk itself.

Pastrana needs a car that can deliver a ton of power at a moment’s notice. So his WRX STI sports a custom-built boxer mill complete with an exhaust system that exits up and out of the hood. To be able to shred tires as this car does (which you can see in the video above), we imagine the car is putting down a metric-fuckton of horsepower. Give or take.

The car was delivered to Pastrana at an airfield in Montana. There he and the Hoonigan crew got to dissect it in person for the first time. Then they told Travis to get in the car and start sliding it around. He did and Hoonigan’s Brian Scotto kept pushing him to explore more and more of what the car can do. This is Hoonigan and Pastrana’s first go at a Gymkhana film, so it will be an interesting dynamic as they work to create and achieve exactly what their vision of a new Gym film means to them.

We can’t wait to learn more about this car and see Pastrana beat the absolute snot out of it.