To Live and Die in LA – Los Angeles Sightings

american_sightings_53 For some time now, our very own Kamil K has posted some photos of cars living and dying in Poland. The sightings are often weird and definitely interesting, as they are often rarities that pop up in the stream of everyday cars filling the streets of Warsaw. In a situation somewhat comparable to that, what kind of cars would you pick up on when dropped to a random location on Earth? As I had my camera and iPhone with me on my trip to California, I naturally documented some of the streetside sightings there. I’ll be posting a number of articles with the stuff I saw – and this is the first of them. american_sightings_42 “ISUUU4U”? I sue for you? In case he’s a lawyer, he could probably stand to tidy up his W124… american_sightings_47 El Camino goodness. american_sightings_51 american_sightings_50 american_sightings_48 Checker yourself before you wrecker yourself. This Marathon seemed like a tough old thing, and it still moved. It had to. american_sightings_8 A proper old Z, and one that needed documenting. I saw some bondo bits, but still… american_sightings_1 american_sightings_2 No lie, I was excited to see this. Haven’t seen too many blobby ovoid Tauruses over here. american_sightings_36 This, too… We don’t get a lot of Infinitis around here. american_sightings_38 american_sightings_71 Probably why I was so excited to see this one. I want it. Perfect blend of late ’80s design and Nissan simplicity – in pearly white. american_sightings_74   The taillights are even a little Rolls Royce-like. american_sightings_84 To be honest, I would like to bring this Dynasty home, too. american_sightings_87   Dat formal roof tho. american_sightings_76 But this Olds is beyond wanting. It’s a bit too sun-baked for my taste. american_sightings_78 american_sightings_33 This MR2 was dry as a desert. A fine basis for a fix-up, not too far gone. american_sightings_34 I do prefer them with rear spoilers. american_sightings_27 I wasn’t the only one around with a big truck… american_sightings_111 The hard top suits this Miata just fine. american_sightings_108 Late bloomer, huh? american_sightings_103 american_sightings_106 Vanishing Point, hur hur. american_sightings_112 american_sightings_113 I loved this RV… from the outside. american_sightings_116 Such americana. american_sightings_75 I hoped to see a green Beetle in San Francisco, but didn’t. And SF is where the next post will take us… [Images: Copyright 2014 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

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