Time travel back to 1970’s Pismo Beach and bring your dune buggy

Pismo Beach is a slice of dune-covered heaven in Central California. If you have a need for sand-based speed, then you should try to get to Pismo at some point. Or watch this video and travel back in time to when people were ripping their own home-built sandrails and buggies.



  1. Wow, this is amazing. Hard to fathom that this well-edited, well-filmed clip is over 50 years old. And is there any kind of landscape that California doesn’t have?

    1. California has every type of landscape you can imagine. It’s pretty insane.

      From the Mojave Desert to the tallest point in the lower 48.

      1. I’ve always been fascinated with “flyover country”, but I may need to recalibrate my priorities for my next trip to the US: My travel-o-meter is pegged at 11 after having been home forever…just like the rest of the world.

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