This Tree Won't Give Up Without a Fight


You know, I enjoy yard work. I take the solitude of mowing the lawn, running the edger, and clipping the hedges as a great opportunity for reflection and introspection. Of course, my yard doesn’t often fight back like this guy’s does.

Image source: pikabu


    1. I've done office furniture work in their Seattle office. Very interesting place. Free snacks and drinks, though.

  1. My neighbor tried doing this with his backhoe instead doing the tug of war with logging chains.
    Ended with him in the hospital needing 40 stitches on his skull, with a massive concussion. Granted, it was a 40ft tree, versus this ~10ft one, but he knocked a 3" round branch off the upper part of the tree. It then promptly fell on his head.

  2. I learned the hard way never to pull something with the three-point hitch. I'm lucky to be alive.
    I hope this man is too.

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