This olelongrooffan Is No Longer A Cars and Coffee Virgin


That’s right my fellow Hoons. This olelongrooffan has been to some pretty awesome places in the past few years. I have visited The Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, spotted a vintage Cadillac Flower Car in a killer junkyard up in the Hoosier State,  strolled through The Cussler Museum out in Ms. Martin hometown, and snuck into more events at the Daytona International Speedway than this olelongrooffan can shake a stick at. But until last weekend, I have never attended a Cars and Coffee.

Yeah, The Elliott Museum up in the hometown of Blue Marlin Motors hosted a C&C event and this non-coffee-drinking olelongrooffan just had to make the 25 minute trek up Florida’s Highway 9 to attend. While this event wasn’t filled with the ubiquitous SuperCars that seem to attend C&C event out there on the left coast of these United States, there was still lots of cool stuff to be seen. This was especially true of the stuff seen in the normally padlocked garage of that there museum. This is a fairly image laden adventure so if my fellow Hoons have a few minutes, feel free to click on through to see more.


So upon arrival, the first thing this olelongrooffan did was head to the farthest point on the Elliott Museum’s compound and begin my adventure by meandering my way back to my minilongroof. As such, the first vehicle I spotted was in the garage out back and it is dang gorgeous. I remember it to be, I wanna say, a 1941 Lincoln Continental convertible and it was drop-dead-gorgeous.


In the above image of that ragtop, I captured the rockets on the hood of this 1957 Chevrolet BelAir convertible. As the light conditions seemed to be pretty good, I thought I would capture an image of the relatively spartan interior. Gotta love the underdash tissue dispenser.


As well as the continental kit on the butt end of it. This was also the first time this olelongrooffan had seen a Power Pusher utilized in moving these old cars and trucks around. Man, I could have used one of these a whole danged bunch during my lifetime. This olelongrooffan would suspect I am not alone in this experience. That flatbed to the left? Stay tuned.


And what museum would be complete without a Corvair exhibit? Even if it is in the garage. This so reminded me of the red over white one TheGentlemanFarmer had to play with during my youth. Sadly, it met a sudden demise when a car pulled out of my older sister driving it at the intersection of Campbell and Sunshine in the Queen City of the Ozarks. Incidentally, Bass Pro Shops original location is at the same intersection these days. And her passenger’s name was Robin Honest. Yeah, this olelongrooffan simply cannot make this up. Seriously, I’m not that creative.


That flatbed I mentioned earlier? Well, it is a Model AA edition and was toteing some black powder kegs out back. The last time this olelongrooffan spotted one of these it was of the fire truck persuasion out at the Turkey Rod Run a few Thanksgiving weekends ago.


In the next bay of Elliott’s garage were several “open fender” (that is an original olelongrooffan term for this style vehicles in that the fenders are “open” on the front of them) vehicles one of which was this coolass BlueOval woody longroof. Of course, my fellow Hoons know that this olelongrooffan would have to capture and share an image of it with all ya’all. My apologies to Cliff Clavin for capturing him unawares.


While I was nosing my nosey butt around their garage, I spotted this petrol tank resting comfortably on this mechanics creeper and thought it was noteworthy enough to gather an image of it.


This olelongrooffan then decided that snooping around someone else’s garage probably wasn’t the most polite thing to do (but, hey, they did open it up for me!) so I decided to get back to checking out their cars and trucks. I probably should have forwarded this engine image to our esteemed Mr. Emslie for one of his Mystery Car posts.


Especially as it is the engine bay of this 1914 Packard 2-38 Phaeton. And believe me when I relate to you this thing is freaking awesome. At a British Car Show I attended up in Bert Reynold’s hometown a while back, I spotted a bright yellow 7 passenger Rolls Royce similar to this. Man, I have got to get that post together.


 The wood wheels with wide whitewalls really set this one off. Also, the mystery of that petrol tank’s origin was solved. There was a note on the windshield noting the tank was removed on 6/27/2013.


Here is a shot of its dashboard. While this olelongrooffan has driven a fairly large variety of vehicles in my lifetime, I have yet to drive one with that control on the steering wheel. As a matter of fact, I’m not really sure just what it is. How many of my fellow Hoons know?


With the bench seats in front and rear, the two limo-style jump seats are what make this beauty a seven passenger ride. That bench seat back there is more luxurious than the couch in my living room.


This thing was absolutely gorgeous and massive, especially when compared to what was parked over yonder beside that red Porsche in the background.


However, alongside that Phaeton was another more pedestrian one. This one was another offering by the Blue Oval and it was in fantastic condition.


Especially when considering its history. A drop top cop car. Imagine that today.


Lined up against the wall beside that cop car were these cool old jacks. This is the first time I had ever seen anything like these. It was pretty cool. And check out that vintage tire filling device at the bottom of this image.


Earlier when I speaking about the size of that Phaeton, I referred to what was parked alongside that red Porsche. It was this miniature Austin Nippy. 


This thing looked to be about 10 feet long and maybe 4 feet wide. Yes it is a baby Nippy that’s for sure.


This is the power plant sitting under its bonnet. The engine in my John Deere lawn tractor is bigger than this thing.

With my tour of their garage now complete, this olelongrooffan decided to head out and see all of the cool stuff I had passed by to get to that garage.


First up was this pristine 1950ish Studebaker Commander with its distinctive bullet nose and suicide doors. The wraparound rear window came along in later years, I’m pretty sure. And see that sticker bestowed 59 BelAir longroof in the background of this image? This idiot olelongrooffan did not get one image of it. Trust me though, it was pretty dang sweet.


This Studie did, however, possess three pedals as a means of propelling and stopping this beast. Over the years, this olelongrooffan has noticed a lot of cars of this era had a time measuring device perched (Hey Mad Hungarian) atop its steering column.


Sitting beside the Commander was this Avanti. It’s hard to ascertain the year of it as for many years, styling was basically unchanged. This one could be a 1963 or a 1976.


But, as I checked out the interior of it, I realized that ignition system was gathered up from the Chrysler parts bin sometime in the 70’s. My daughter’s maternal grandfather owned a series of 70’s era Chryslers back in the day and I recognized it right off.


And the shape of the key resting comfortably on that Avanti’s console confirmed my thoughts. It seems like this olelongrooffan learns something new every day with this hobby we all share.


Across the way against the rear wall of the Elliott Museum proper were this Z car and a cool Spitfire. The Z, of course, reminded this olelongrooffan of the Chief Blooger and that Spitfire reminded me of a pretty young thing I used to date back in the day. We both lived in Gulf Shores, Alabama and her pops bought her one of these, mustard yellow in color and she let me drive it all the time. But we had equally as much fun in my ole VDub day camper.


I have always thought these Studebaker Champs were a sight to be seen. The fact they basically chopped off a Lark and added any old bed they had out back we just amazing.


I seem to remember looking at one of these one time and thinking that bed was a Dodge product. Given the connection with that Avanti’s ignition system, that thought may not be too far off. Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


My fellow Hoons may have noticed this olelongrooffan passed up several cars to gather the images I am sharing with you this day. Well, tri-5 Chevys, first gen Thunderbird, 911s,  and early Mustangs, even Shelbys are nearly ubiquitous to this olelongrooffan. But which of my fellow Hoons doesn’t like a second gen Falcon Futura based Ranchero? I spoke to the owner of it. We got to talking and he asked me what I was Hooning around these days? I told him, somewhat sheepishly that I had sold my cool cars and trucks and was now driving a battered up generic minilongroof but, heck, it’s free. He laughed and I asked him about his ride.  He mentioned he has owned it for about ten years. Bought it basically like it sits but added a shiny new coat of paint and took off the dog dish hubcaps and black steelies and put on these wheels. While this olelongrooffan prefers the dog dishes and steelies, that opinion was, surprisingly kept to myself that day. I did thank him for bringing it out for me to see though.


A buddy of mine, who interestingly enough doesn’t have a nickname bestowed upon him by this olelongrooffan owns on of these gorgeous Alfas however his is silver in color. Oddly enough, he never complains about maintenance on it. But he is pretty well off so I would guess it doesn’t really enter into his ownership equation.


Then I spotted, what to me are pretty desirable american convertibles from the early 70’s. I love the white on white Cutlass W-30 and that blue Cougar was just drop dead gorgeous. This olelongrooffan would suspect its owners like it equally as well.


This was posted on the crossbar over the engine under the bonnet of that Eliminator.


And just for fun, another Cougar but this one is a bit more luxurious. Landau top and all.


Even with a Steelers license plate, I just love this ragtop.


Beside that luxurious Cougar was this New York based cop car. Although not a convertible, it was pretty dang nice. This is the body style my daughter’s maternal grandfather owned back in the day. I remember my future brother in law driving this thing about 70 miles per hour down our mile long creek gravel driveway out at the Halltown version of Haven Lee Farm on more than one occasion.


Of course, a tongue in cheek reference to the Donut Police is mandatory.


This is as close as this olelongrooffan got to this trio although that Capri in the center looked pretty sweet. Yeah, this olelongrooffan recognized that early 50’s Capri from this distance. That knowledge and four bucks will get me a Starbucks coffee.


At the entrance to the out back parking lot at that museum were several sweet rides. I’m pretty sure that is a new Hyundai Veloster (yeah a Capri but not this!), one of about 100 different varieties of a new Mustang and a now extinct Crossfire coupe.


Next to that Crossfire was a first gen Dodge Vipor. While disappearing for a bit, these are now back and tearing up the sports car racing scene. One nearly captured a victory a couple weeks ago from a Corvette and a Ferrari. Although a true beast, I have always had fond thoughts of this car and am genuinely excited to see its return.


Either one of these European beauties would get the nod from the automotive bestowing gods from this olelongrooffan. One of three E types I spotted that morning.


I have mentioned previously that the mere spotting of a certain vehicle will remind me of one of my fellow Hoons. The Chief Blooger=Datsun Z cars, $kaykog=any desirable Blue Oval product, muthalovin=a Honda of a certain style, Mad_Science=vintage Wagoneers. Well, this F-body Trans Am reminds me, appropriately enough, of thirdgenfirebird.


I would suspect I will see this out at the Palm Beach International Speedway Raceway some track day soon.


Having finished my tour of the garage and the parking lot out back, I headed around the corner of that museum to check out what had arrived while I was out back Hooning around. 


Well, my fellow Hoons, that nearly vacant lot I had arrived in an hour previously was now bulging with some pretty cool vehicles for this olelongrooffan to drool over.


Interestingly enough, a pirated copy of this ad has been in my image library for longer that I can remember. Pretty risque back in the day.


And who doesn’t love a TD sporting steelies?


Across this aisle these sweeties could be seen. A nearly ubiquitous E-Type roadster, also in BRG. I do, however, love that Benz ragtop on the right.


The MGB GT has ZombeeRacer’s name written all over it as a parts car for his Lemon’s racing machine. Oh wait! I remember, he just steals parts from his best half’s ride and prefaces his body repairs with, “Give me a bigger hammer.”


That E-Type must be a pre-67 model as I believe that was the year the US gubinment outlawed lens over headlights. Although I certainly could stand to be corrected on the year of that ban’s implementation.


Whether this roadster is ubiquitous or not, its interior is just as sexy as its exterior.


A trio of newer cars that don’t really need alot said about them.


This Midget, however, is another story. Done up in a beautiful shade of blue and sporting a pair of MG club badges on its grill, it was striking. And the Mini Lites were a nice touch.


Taking their place as a modern day toss about sports cars, a few Miatas and MX-5s also put in an appearance.


Along with this wedge shaped ORNCH car that deserves a place in a somewhat exclusive club on that book about your face of which I am a member.


As this olelongrooffan ages, a big two door coupe is becoming more desirable. I seldom haul other folks around with me and a personal cruiser such as this big ole Mercedes might be kind of fun. I seriously doubt I could get thejeepjunkie to approve my purchase of one. Plus if I’m getting a Benz, a mid-90’s E series longroof will suffice.


There were a few out and out muscle cars there and this second gen GTO is certainly included in that category. Given the Tempest was one of the earliest muscles out there, I would be remiss in not including it.


A rare Fox body McLaren. This one could have started life as either a Mustang or a Mercury Capri. It seems they were very similar back when they were still in existence. My Mustang loving buddy, TheKenMan, who also owns a first gen Ranchero and an Avanti, once owned three of these at the same time. All in red, BTW.


My younger brother’s, thejeepjunkie, God Parents owned a white over red one of these of the same year during the same era TheGentlemanFarmer was sporting that red over white Corvair. Uncle Joe was a doctor and could afford it rather than a lowly Corvair. I still love the Corvair much more. 


While not really a muscle car, these are quite popular down here in the Sunshine State. During some Turkey Rod Run excursions a few years ago, I stumbled across a whole gaggle of them down at Grille 44. I mean there was at least 20 of them in every color of the spectrum. To me, they are pretty to look at but that is about it.


And a lovely orphaned Aurora decided to make its presence known at this Cars and Coffee.


Another gorgeous, if totally not flashy, orphaned Oldmobile. How can you not like a name such as Dynamic 88?


Just down the parking lot aisle was another E-Type, although this one was the coupe version. It had the headlight lens on its tilting bonnet.


 This image is included only for the sole reason that the two dudes I eavesdropped upon overheard talking mentioned its entire body was composed of carbon fiber. Not sure why though.


Parked just a couple spots away from my minilongroof was this bright red Cadillac Allante. A few years back this olelongrooffan tried to purchase one of these. That purchase was promptly vetoed by thejeepjunkie. Sometimes he is such a spoilsport.


The last time I had seen one of these Tesla sedans, it was Hooning around the Daytona International Speedway during some track days event I attended last fall. Man was it only last fall? Almost seems a lifetime ago. Almost.


This olelongrooffan is not sure why I gathered up this image of these two. But the sight of that blue light possessing Panther in the background reminded me to get on the road while there was one less copper around to suspect me of stealing road sign to mail overseas.


As such, I jumped in my free minilongroof and headed down the Old Dixie Highway to see what other sights could be seen that Saturday morning.


As I was cruising down the down slope of the tall bridge over the intracoastal waterway, this olelongrooffan was treated to this sight and it made my day. Not only that, when that dude passed me by he looked over and gave this olelongrooffan a thumbs up. Yeah, it made my day.

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15 responses to “This olelongrooffan Is No Longer A Cars and Coffee Virgin”

  1. Van_Sarockin Avatar

    Wonderful collection! From Packards to Pacers…

  2. dukeisduke Avatar

    Scion xB? What happened to the Blue Blazer?

    1. longrooffan Avatar

      This olelongrooffan shared about I came across this xBox here.

  3. dukeisduke Avatar

    Lots of great pictures. The '64 Corvair is wearing '65 wheelcovers, and the '65 Goat and the '67 Firebird are sweet. And oh yeah, GO STEELERS! 🙂

  4. GTXcellent Avatar

    Wow – what an eclectic collection. Is that control on the Packard's steering wheel spark advance? I didn't think that the W-30 package was available on plain Cutlasses in 1972, only on 442 cars (but I've been wrong probably more times than I've been right). That Cougar Eliminator is absolutely gorgeous!

    1. MVEilenstein Avatar

      Thought the same – looks like a spark advancer.

  5. marmer01 Avatar

    Yeah, I'm thinkin' spark advance, too. Pretty common back in the day on brass era cars, especially big ones where the chauffeur wanted to keep it running smooth.

  6. MVEilenstein Avatar

    "I remember my future brother in law driving this thing about 70 miles per hour down our mile long creek gravel driveway out at the Halltown version of Haven Lee Farm on more than one occasion."
    I would give my right arm to see that.

  7. Cdr. Smee (Ret) Avatar
    Cdr. Smee (Ret)

    great pics. Yeah that big Merc does it for me. Wanted one all my life, in dark blue, but "Miami Vice" white might be fun too. The Pacer ad, they used to call that a "caboose" a term that should return IMHO. The E-Type coupe, yes! that's pretty one, the rag-top is so cliche, a gentlemen needs something a little more discrete!

  8. busplunge Avatar

    LRF— I can't figure out how to post this picture of Mom and "Man" in her Corvair convertible, so I'll just link to it…

  9. KV Enterprises Avatar

    Awesome photographs! wonderful cars! Its such an excitement to see old cars in a row, cool collection! Thanks for the share!

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    good post!

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  13. ConstantReader Avatar

    Thanks for a great story and abundant pics. As I scrolled I wondered if I’d see a big Benz coupe, and there it is. I’d recommend the ’89 – ’91 version of the SEC; I have one. Thejeepjunkie will be impressed with the ride and quality. I wouldn’t recommend anything from the mid-nineties because of the wiring issue. You can find good examples of 80s longroofs from Stuttgart; look for the 300 turbodiesels..

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