This Falcon Begs to dive into LeMons

1965 ford falcon for saleShould I get back into LeMons again (aside from judging), I’ll be on the lookout for a pre-smog, front-engine, rear-wheel-drive car with a manual transmission. Preferably with a solid rear axle: Victory through Simplicity. Doesn’t get much simpler than an early Falcon, as I can attest. Aside from being a year newer, today’s example is a near-clone of my own, at least as it left the factory 50 years ago. It’s got a straight six with a three on the tree and…not much else. Actually, that’s a lie, as there’s no shortage of original parts to be extracted to liberate a pounds and dollars for upgrades. While while the stock Falcon chassis is a floppy mess, the mandatory cage (and some home-brew subframe connectors) will stiffen things up significantly. Additionally, a certain Texan made hay with the front suspension just by re-drilling a pair of mounting holes. Brake and fuel system upgrades don’t count in your budget and there’s no shortage of upgrades to be had there. 1965 ford falcon straight 61965 ford falcon interior1965 ford falcon rear Leave the sixer and three on the tree in place for your first race, because the judges love such crappy equipment, and just run mid-to-back of the pack laps for two days straight. Save the four/five speed and inevitable v8 (…or turbo?) swap for races two through infinity. Oh, and because it’s an ancient Falcon, there’s no smog and minimal DMV requirements to get it registered for road use. Lastly, the price? $500. Someone please buy it, so I don’t have to: 1965 Ford Falcon for sale – eBay Motors

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