This El Camino Monster Truck Can Be Yours

el camino monster truck An El Camino and a 2005 Hummer bumped naughty bits and this is the drunken result. It’s a 1970 El Camino sitting atop the chassis of an 05 Hummer. Currently, per the ad, it says the V8 isn’t cranking but the seller believes that’s because the computer and the chip in the key aren’t communicating. The ad also states that it won’t be suitable for the road… that’s partly true because it’s suitable for ALL OF THE ROADS. The asking price is $6,500, and we think someone should pony up $5k and go buy this damn thing. Then let us drive it… everywhere. Possibly to Tierra Del Fuego and back. Oh and if this particular vehicle looks familiar… perhaps you’re in the mood for Doritos? [Source: Craigslist]

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