This E36 BMW M3 and Toyota Supra collaborate in a smashing new video

[UPDATE: The video and its mirrors keep getting pulled down, so here’s a written representation of what happened. A BMW M3 came around a corner and tried to drift. Got spooked by oncoming traffic and slid the E36 into a parked, idling Toyota Supra. Both cars are pretty messed up. Both drivers seem alright. I don’t blame them for wanting to pull the video down… as it will be Exhibit A in the case against the shop.]
When filming video of a car doing silly things on public roads, its best to err on the side of caution. While we don’t recommend you go out and try your hand at hardcore hoonage, we’d be hypocrites at the same time if we fully admonished all forms of vehicular shenanigans. This video, however, demonstrates exactly why you need to take your idiot behavior to places where the only person you could possibly hurt is yourself. Empty roads, vacant lots, and the other places devoid of people and other cars are prime spots for Safe Stupid (patent pending).
(Example: Happy National Donut Day, from Hooniverse)
What we have in the video above, per the video description, is a shop filming a video of a BMW E36 M3. The driver attempted to drift a corner despite the presence of oncoming traffic. We assume the Mazda spooked the BMW driver, who then pointed the modified machine right at an idling Toyota Supra. The aftermath of that decision if a painful one.
Both cars are in terrible shape. Both humans are probably fairly banged up. What’s even worse is the fact that the M3 belonged to a customer of the shop. We’d be willing to wager that said customer wasn’t down with the idea of the shop using his or her M3 for the purposes of vehicular dumb.
We’re not sure where this took place, and the license plates are blurred. Those seem like British Columbia license plates, but that’s pure speculation on our part. Regardless, there’s a shop out there that’s in for a world of legal hurt. And two great sports cars are in need of serious repair… hopefully at a different shop.
Let the BMW/Toyota collaboration jokes being in the comment section below.
[Source: Reddit r/Cars – ]

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    Jeff Glucker

    Eh, I’ll find a mirror – That video didn’t last too long.

      1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
        Jeff Glucker

        Yup saw that one on the Reddit thread. Thank you though

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