This Corvette is Powered by Honda

Corvette with a Honda engine

You’ve seen the Subaru BRZs, Mazda RX-7s, BMWs, and many others with Corvette engines. Now see a Corvette with a Honda engine.

It’s difficult to say if this is real or not, but it is hilarious. Of all the cars that ever got a small black Chevy swap, here is one that came with a proper small block getting a Honda B18B swap. Awesome.

UPDATE! Original source is Honda-Tech, and it was predictably and hilariously something done for fun.

[Source: | Thanks for the tip Nate Rhoades!!]

Corvette with a Honda engine 2

I’m going to have to call BS on it as I can’t think of transmission that would make this work. And that factory side, now front, engine mount is still there, but connected to what? But it gets an A for effort.



    1. ~ 100 lbs isn't going to make or break the handling of the car. Turbos cost about as much as an ls3 swap but only give you 320 horse instead of 420.
      Edit: I didn't point you down.

      1. Plus, judging solely by the image I posted, it seems that it still sits back pretty far, so the weight balance might not even be affected very much.

      2. Hmmm, I didn't realize that an LS3 is only 100lbs heavier than a stock S2K motor. it would be a 6.0L replacing a 2.0L. on the surface, that seems like 3x the motor…

        1. Yup, the LS motors are notorious Mighty Mites. Big displacement/power/torque in a tiny package that weighs very little.
          Kind of why they've been swapped into every car under the sun at some point.

          1. I guess that makes sense… But the original S2K motor was a serious mighty-mite as well. considering it had the highest hp per liter of any production engine available at the time. no torque though… Still 240 hp out of a na 2.0L is pretty impressive…

  1. The swap wouldn’t need a special transmission. It could easily keep the Corvette trans. The Corvette’s transmission isn’t bolted to the engine, anyway, and it wouldn’t take anything more than an adapter plate to bolt just about any engine to the Corvette’s torque tube.

      1. Apparently, my Hondignorance is showing. The engine could, however, be made to run “backward” with a new cam grind and rewired starter, but that’s probably deeper into the engine than a typical swap would normally delve, thus making your skepticism well-founded. Probably not real.

        1. There are some engines designed to do exactly this think Detroit 71 series engines (2 stroke diesels) But your Honda motor would need more thank just a starter turning backwards and a reversed cam grind. Just of the top of my head , oil pump, flywheel teeth, starter bendix, alternator, ac compressor,water pump, cams etcetc would be backwards.

          1. I'll give you oil pump. Flywheel teeth is debatable, but I will acknowledge that the tooth lead-in geometry would cause a higher likelihood of failure to engage, and/or disengage, but you'd probably not notice any difference. I'll claim ignorance on the bendix. Does Honda actually use a bendix starter shaft for engagement? If so, you are correct, and it will not function by merely rewiring it, but most google images I'm finding searching for "honda starter" show a starter mounted solenoid which is direction independent as far as gear engagement.
            The alternator doesn't care what direction it's spinning, nor do most AC compressors. I've never pulled apart a Honda AC compressor, so if it is a scroll type compressor, you are correct, it would need to spin in a particular direction.
            Water pump, much like the oil pump is a valid point, but easier to remedy, by using an electric water pump, or by changing the pulley to run on the opposite side of the belt.

  2. Wow, Troll Threat Level 10. The only troll better than this would be a Ferrari Dino with a Hyundai Genesis V-6 in it. Wait a second…

  3. I've always wanted a garage with an LS7 swapped MK4 Supra sitting next to a C6 Corvette with a 2JZ-GTE…
    I might be evil…

  4. Everyone's poking fun but would the average (50+ balding male) buyer really notice the difference?

    1. They're mindless fun but do you remember Diesel's line in the first movie: "You'll blow the welds off the intake." All I could think was, ..what the hell is he talking about??

  5. Early Prototype:
    <img src="; width=800 /img>
    <img src="; width=800 /img>
    <img src="; width=800 /img>
    <img src="; width=800 /img>
    I can tell you it was mocked to the TH350 (400?) transmission but there was no torque converter. And yes, I saw this in the junkyard last weekend.

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