This Corvair Has a Secret, and it Ain't Vicious Oversteer …

corjag cover
Hey, that Corvair Monza coupe sure looks cool. Looks pretty stock though. Let’s pop the hood and check it out, shall we? Wonder if it’s a turbo … wait a second! WHAT IN THE NAME OF….?!?!?!?

corjag 2
WHERE’S THE ENGINE? Those look like FANS! And is that a Tempest transaxle …?
corjag 1
No, your coffee was not laced with LSD. It’s just the work of Jay Eitel, one crazy, crazy bastard. The CorJag is a twisted masterpiece, and we love it. I couldn’t possibly do credit to all the fabrication, so click the link below to read the whole story. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle (to shoehorn a motor in the front of your Corvair).


    1. After he completed the CorJag, he was summonly inducted into the secret order of Zen Buddhists. Steven Seagal was reported to be "impressed."

  1. Seriously, everyone: go read up on the build of this thing.
    The attention to detail and the commitment to making the swap look/feel like an OEM job is staggering. There are so many details this guy could've skipped over in favor of a hack/re-weld solution, but he went to great lengths to do it a certain way.

    1. I'll say. The engineering and attention to detail here are amazing. The guy's stubborn, he wanted it to turn exactly the way he wanted, and dammit he made it work. He could have made this thing into a flamboyant looking freakmobile, but building the ultimate sleeper shows good taste and restraint.

  2. I honestly don't know what to say. I almost didn't comment because I am so speechless. Yeah, it's awesome, but it's more than just "awesome". I'm a big fan of adjectives, but I'm not sure there are any for this. The ingenuity, attention to detail, completeness, and overall execution are beyond most engine transplant hack jobs. Hell, this makes 99% of engine transplants look like they were done by 7th graders in a high school shop class.
    Wow. Just. Wow.

  3. I met the builder at Laguna Seca a few years back. The 'vair was sitting with the hood open and, as a Corvair was my first car, I went over to take a look. Boy was I surprised to see all that plumbing back there. The car is really pristine in its build. Kudos go to an engineering degree and a twinge of compulsive-obsessive disorder.

  4. I can't even begin to put into words how completely epic this creation is!
    What I want to know is…how bloody fast will it go?
    Another thing…that first picture showing nothing more than a sexy pair of shiny exhaust tips…I must say that it looks like the über sleeper from Hell, until they fire it up, of course.

      1. “… he tried to keep the sound as Corvair-ish as possible”.
        Ha ha ha, what did he do, pull six of the plug wires?

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