Are you on the hunt for the perfect piece of furniture to spruce up your sitting area? You have a sitting area, right? Of course you do! And we’ve found the perfect table to compliment your many leather-bound books, your crystal goblets of expensive liquor, and your fancy well-trained dogs wearing fancy well-trained haircuts. It’s from a company called Discommon, and it features the shape of an Aston Martin Valkyrie set in the middle.

It will only cost you $17,000.

This table is one in a ten-piece run of tables designed to feature unique or memorable automobiles. Here is number eight in the run, which also includes a Ferrari F40 table, Ford GT table, Concorde plane table, Lamborghini Miura, and more. Discommon says tables start at $20,000… despite the Aston Martin table starting at $17,000.

Perhaps there’s been a bit of a market downturn for insanely priced custom tables?

What makes this one so expensive? This one is handcrafted from solid walnut while the legs are machine aerospace-grade aluminum. It’s four feet long and four inches thick. And in the middle is that admittedly cool Aston Martin Valkyrie bit of art. It’s called the Wake coffee table, because the car appears to be ripping through the air creating a wake behind it.

There’s no question it’s beautiful. There’s no way we expect anyone who also doesn’t own a real Valkyrie to own one. Or perhaps Aston Martin would purchase one for its corporate offices back in Gaydon.

If you do want something handcrafted from Discommon, they have more affordable items.

Maybe a $110 bottle opener is more your speed?

Or not.