This Beater Marauder Convertible is Hotrodding at its Finest

1961 mercury marauder for saleThis 1961 Mercury Marauder has all the necessary equipment: A tri-power 390ci V8, four-speed transmission, nice seats, intact floors and power brakes. Intact sheet metal, a roof and hood? These things only serve to confine.

From context it seems the seller yanked it out of a barn somewhere then paid attention to getting the floors and mechanical bits sorted, swiped the interior out of what looks like an 80s Mercedes (that MB-Tex lasts forever) and called it a day. He drives it daily. For some reason I imagine the seller played by Woody Harrelson with a just bit of a Florida Man vibe.

1961 mercury marauder tri power1961 mercury marauder interior1961 mercury marauder interior 21961 mercury marauder rear end

Which, honestly, is exactly what I’d do all day every day if I could: start with cars a week away from The Crusher and bring the back to some form of functionality. Let someone else worry about getting the quarter panels patched perfectly or finding the factory-correct hose clamps.

The auction ends today and as I type this it’s sitting at $4000 with 16 bids, which…ok, honestly that’s a bit steep. I’m curious where it ends up.
1961 Mercury Marauder for sale – eBay Motors


  1. That’s rad. Perfect car for some place where it doesn’t rain much i.e : Not here

  2. Hell, I’d take this ride or any of the others in the background…Pierch fire truck, 50’s Desoto, Fort Ranchero, Vintage Airstream and a big ass motorhome….Oh Yeah….

  3. My W126 is jealous of the condition of those seats.
    Only one of my cheeks takes any weight in my old Merc. The tex might last forever, but the supporting structure sure doesn’t!

  4. Perfect timing, with Mad Max: Fury Road premiering this weekend. This car would make Mad Max wet hit pants.

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