Not all vehicles are created equal, and this 1991 Toyota Mega Ace 4×4 is one that is a cut above the rest. In fact, this one is better than that: it’s so good that I’d be willing to put in my Rad Hall of Fame. And it’s for sale, so you can own this incredible piece of ’90s van greatness.
It ticks every box: It’s right hand drive. It’s Japanese, and from 1991. It’s short-wheelbase, cab-over configuration. It’s got fold-flat seats, skylights, a diesel motor paired with a 5-speed gearbox, and styling that gives off the impression it was designed for an early-’90s sci-movie. It’s got the right rad-tastic paint, and it’s even got the right name, Mega AceEven the ad lists it as a “spaceship window van,” which, barring the fact that we know it is very unlikely to be an actual spaceship, is a very accurate description. Having grown up in the 1990s, this is everything my childhood self would have dreamed of as cool.
This Mega Ace brings up visions of selling everything, learning how to surf, and living out of the van for months at a time while your dog lounges under the shade of an awning and your only worries in the world are what to throw on the BBQ for dinner and how spectacular that night’s sunset will be. Or, you know, just buying it and driving it wherever the hell you point it, regardless of terrain, because with ground clearance and dimensions like it has, you probably can.
Somebody, please buy this amazing example of early 1990s Toyota greatness and give it the home and life it deserves. Should you have the funds to put it in your garage– or simply want to torture yourself by looking at the ad and then doing your best so as to not drool on your keyboard, as I have been– click for the Craigslist ad here.