Think Your Chainsaw is Tough?

It’s the winter (for some of us), and we’re all looking for efficient, economical ways to keep warm. One of the most popular — especially around the holidays — is to build a nice big roaring fire in the fireplace and curl up with some hot cocoa. And by cocoa, we mean whiskey.
The problem, however, has always been that it takes a lot of work to get all the wood cut and split to make the fire! Well, worry not, for Robert Andrews, of Enumclaw, WA, has come up with a work-saving solution. A chainsaw, powered by a V8 engine.
Okay, so maybe it won’t really save you any work… but it’ll sure look awesome while it’s not saving you any work! And really, isn’t that the important thing?

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  1. engineerd Avatar

    My boss has an insert for his fire place that lets him burn wood efficiently for heating. He buys his wood already cut, but he has to split it himself, for which he has a pneumatic splitter. He does this because it is cheaper than using his natural gas-powered furnace, which he uses to supplement the wood burner.
    This would negate all of his cost savings. Yet, I feel the need to send him this link and recommend he use something like this.

  2. scientology Avatar

    My aunt sent me to this site, and she is totally right in every way! keep up your terrific work

  3. Ria | Chainsaw India Avatar

    Infact the V8 engine is really powerful. It is good to wear all the necessary safety equipments before cutting the tree logs. Especially eyes should be well covered and protected, otherwise the sawdust may harm your eyes.

  4. Aliza Martin Joe Avatar
    Aliza Martin Joe

    Video is very informative and handy. I was searching about the table saw and found your postings. Keep sharing and please help my friend Frederick about using the table saw.

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