The Seeker 2 is a beautiful short film with incredible motorcycle riding

I never saw The Seeker I, but I am here to tell you that The Seeker II is a visual masterpiece. It’s a short film featuring the truly amazing riding of Pol Tarrés. He’s a wonderfully skilled trials rider and he does mind-bending stuff on his Yamaha Ténéré 700. The stock version of this bike weighs over 450 pounds. The one here probably packs on quite a few more pounds, yet Tarrés treats it like a knowing and trusted dance partner. Throttle control, balance, ability, and a mindset of proper send when necessary combine to show off riding that leave me in awe.

And that’s before you even take in the beauty of the visuals themselves. This is incredibly well shot, and I encourage you to soak it all in. I’ve snagged a few screenshots, which I’ve placed below the video to highlight why you need to watch this one.

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One response to “The Seeker 2 is a beautiful short film with incredible motorcycle riding”

  1. Maymar Avatar

    1) I’d have been impressed with the riding on something at half the weight, let alone on something that big.

    2) This also functions quite nicely as a tourism ad for Portugal.

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