You’re rich. You’re bored. You want to drive very fast. This should mean that you find your nearest racing circuit, book some time, and let loose. In 1980’s Japan, however, an elusive group of speed seekers set out to do things a bit differently. The Mid Night Club was formed in 1987.

This wasn’t the sort of club where anyone could rock up and apply. Potential members needed to prove themselves right for inclusion. You couldn’t simply be a well-to-do speed racer. Everyone wants to go fast. But Mid Night Club members want to do so while also maintaining the idea that safety of other motorists is a top priority.

The Mid Night Club would make the dash along the Shuto Expressway. A section called the Bayshore Route, or Wangan, served as top-speed shootout locale. Club members would arrive at a predetermined time in their high-horsepower heavily modified machines. And then they would set off in search of clearing 200 mph on their speedometers. There wasn’t a police car in the force that stood a chance of catching the Mid Night Club if they roared on past.

First rule of Mid Night Club…

The club was secretive. Those in didn’t speak of their involvement. Even all these decades later, and club members still don’t reveal themselves. The Mid Night Club came to an abrupt end in 1999. During a high-speed run, members of Bosozuku motorcycle gang attempted to crash the party. The cars kept running at a high rate of speed but soon entered a section of road with higher than usual traffic. There was a massive crash. Two bike-riding gang members died and eight motorists were sent to the hospital.

The club disbanded immediately.

The Mid Night Club lasted for 12 years. Over the course of that time, they made sure to run a very unsafe and illegal adventure in a manner that actively cared for the other motorists around them. It sounds crazy to say, of course, but it’s true. Until the one time it was no longer the case… and it all came to a halt of twisted metal, injured drivers, and deceased motorcycle gang members.