My 1986 Jaguar XJ6 has a great-looking color combo. The paint shines… when you’re standing 10 feet or more away from it. This is old Jaguar paint and it’s fully flitted about with crow’s feet. I’m going to see just how far we can bring this paint back without actually repainting the car. In a week’s time, I had an appointment with a detailing specialist. He’s going to perform a full paint correction procedure on the car, and I can’t wait to see how far back he can bring it.

I’ve heard mixed opinions. But those opinions come from casual car folk who aren’t detailers or paint correction specialists. Some say once you have the crow’s feet, that’s kind of how it is. Others say it’s pretty easy to get this car back to deep black glory. I’m excited to see where we land, regardless.

Jaguar XJ6 BBS Wheels

Jaguar XJ6 BBS Wheels

The Jag also has an appointment with the tint folks. I’m going with a little bit of a darker color on the glass. More importantly, it will be ceramic tint which is better for the cabin environment.

I’m also learning more about this engine. The person who sold it to me told me they were told that you want to keep the temp below 180 degrees. That’s per the aftermarket gauge below the steering column. I was driving the other day and I was sitting between 190 and 200. Off to the Internet, I went to figure out a bit more about the TPI engine. And I was quickly informed that the thermostat doesn’t even open up until 190-195. This engine likes to sit between 190 and 210 apparently, so any cooling issues are nothing of the sort beyond my own fearful thoughts.

The weather is warming up quickly though, and I’ll be quite curious to see how the car does in real heat. For now, though, we’re rolling right. The Continental head unit will be installed shortly. Couple that with the freshly refreshed paint and new tint equals a happy Jag eager to soak up some miles. (I think… fingers always crossed on these, right?)