The Iconic Roadster

Last week was the first installment of Modern Art Monday, and we took a look at the taillight of the Jaguar XJ. Today we are looking at an entire vehicle. The Iconic Roadster is a low-volume, high-horsepower monster that takes the style of the classic AC Cobra and turns it into a modern work of fire-breathing art.

Such an exhibitionist...

The Iconic Roadster is powered by a 6.9L all-aluminum V8 engine that spews forth over 800 horses. It is capable of the supercar mark that is 200 mph, and it weighs about 2,400 lbs. It is a hoon-mobile in every sense of the word (that I just made up).
Today however, we are not looking at the power-to-weight figures or wondering how well it actually puts that power to the ground. We are looking at this car while it is standing still, because it is a modern work of art.

The fabrication quality of the Iconic Roadster is evident in these photos. Everything looks like it is prepped for aircraft-grade equipment use. From the billet aluminum door hinges to the Iconic stamped header gasket, the attention to detail and quality is top-notch.

Photos courtesy of our very own Han Solex, thanks!


  1. Holy Pipes Batman! that intake is so cool. So the art would be the giant intake holes leading to the giant exhaust pipe. I am pretty sure any birds in the area will get sucked in at full throttle and spit out perfectly roasted and browned.

  2. That's an interesting treatment of the velocity pipes. I'm not sure I like that they've hidden them like that, but it is definitely unique.
    This is the sort of thing the carmakers should be doing for auto shows. Something amazing and bat-shit crazy. Sure, it'll never see production by Ford, GM, or that other company. But it will make people stop and take notice.

  3. I could just stand around and stare at that thing for hours, and learn things. Good lord, that is lovely. It's too nice to be covered with bodywork. The front suspension alone is like mechanical artwork, you have to look at it and figure it out. Very nice.

  4. I'm guessing that black box marked "Veedims" is not actually an amplifier but a transmission fluid cooling device of some kind? Not sure how that works… Doesn't look like it'd get much airflow there? Or is it somehow sharing what looks like an airbox directly in front of it?

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