The Ford LTD Wagon resides in Car Guy Heaven

“Eric, have you been amassing a huge collection of old press photos to use out of context?”
Yes. Yes, I have.
This is what you dream of when you have seen Tron like 35 more times than anyone needs to but you also grew up in a Ford family. Or maybe this is what heaven looks like for car guys that hang around here: a brown Ford LTD station wagon, hopefully with a nicely beefed-up Ford 302, some good Fox Body suspension, and a manual swap.
“Welcome to heaven…the cube thing is weird and I don’t get it, either,” St. Peter says. “Would you like your burnout-ready wagon with wire wheel covers or alloy wheels? All options are free in heaven, even the tow package.”


          1. Ok, I REALLY like this idea. I always liked the notchback Mustangs for their functional looks, but this is even better!

          2. I think had they gone with an LX aero nose, or somehow fitted the rest of the GT body cladding on the white wagon, it would have been a little less abrupt between the nose and the rest.

    1. Take an LTD wagon, add ’79 Mustang nose, subtract all 4 doors and B pillar, add Fairmont Futura 2 door doors, modify C (now B) pillar accordingly – profit.

  1. The Fox platform LTD’s have unique potential.
    Both to be fast and to offend people like cars for the wrong reasons.

  2. I’m enjoying how the grid doesn’t even line up with the perspective of the cars. It’s uncanny valley. The beige one in the foreground is parallel to the “edge” of the cube, so the front axle should be perpendicular, but it’s not, looking at the tires. The cloud has a lot of detail though; it was probably drawn from the pot-smoke exhale of the artist who made this.

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