The False Neutral Podcast #104 – Everybody’s Wrenchin’

This month we catch up on what your three hosts have been up to. Eric’s been testing a new Royal Enfield 650 Continental GT. Meanwhile, Pete and Garrett have been busy in their workshops. It seems that everyone else has been, too — we discuss the current shortage of used parts and used bikes, thanks to most Americans having nothing better to do with their time. Also, Garrett sold his FZ1 and bought something, um, surprising.

Here’s a link to the Daily Rider RZ350 test ride we talk about:
Last of the Two-Strokes! 1985 Yamaha RZ350 Review | Daily Rider

False Neutral – Everybody’s Wrenchin’

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The FZ1 naked Garrett just sold.
An archive photo of Garrett’s RZ350 (the nice one).
Pete’s hybrid kickstarter, pressed together but not yet welded.
The new, altered backing plates for Bultakenstein’s rearsets.
Bultakenstein’s rearsets, version 2.
The Airtech Reed-Titan seat on Bultakenstein.
The Airtech Reed-Titan seat on the Aermacchi.
The Royal Enfield 650 Continental GT Eric’s been testing.
Sundown on the Summer Solstice in Rugby, ND, without a Smackdab group photo.

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