This month there’s a lot going on in our workshops. Pete’s doing his usual hacking, and Garrett is doing his usual professional-level restoration work. Along the way, our discussion leads to all three of us fawning over how great two-strokes sound. Again. This episode even incorporates an audio clip. [Please comment on how much you do or don’t like this feature].

Here are links to the YouTube videos we discuss:
Evil RZ: Yamaha RZ350/RZ392 Restomod
OSSA Racer Startup
Threesome-GT750 Ride

False Neutral – More Two Stroke Love

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Garrett’s Honda CT70 project

A close-up of Garrett’s workmanship on the Z50 resto for his son.

When it’s done, Garrett’s Z50 will be like new.

Nearly every part on the Z50 has been refurbished or replaced.

The Aermacchi-Ducati Special getting its crankcases trial-fitted.

I turned an old sprocket into a sprocket carrier with a hack saw and a drill press.

Bultakenstein’s finished rear sprocket and carrier.

The two kickstart arms that will be combined for Bultakenstein.

Bultakenstein is starting to look like a motorcycle!

Jimroid’s XS500/YSF200 Blaster Bike (Photo from