The False Neutral Podcast #100 – Hitting The Ton

Despite the Coronavirus lockdown, all three hosts managed to do some cool stuff with and to their bikes this past month. After updating each other on our workshop activities, we discuss how dealerships are surviving the shutdown, and what bike bargains are out there that we are not taking advantage of, and the fate of this year’s Smackdab Run. We wrap up with what we’ve been watching on YouTube while we’re sequestered at home.

YouTube channels we discuss:
44 Teeth
Angus D. Campbell
The bikes we discuss are included below.

False Neutral – Hitting The Ton

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Garrett’s FZ1 naked, with reupholstered seat and power-coated black wheels with new tires.
Honda CT70
The Aermacchi/Harley SS350 frame’s damaged steering tube, and the repair method.
Pete’s Aermacchi-Ducati Special, with Suzuki wheels and forks
2019 Suzuki GSX250R ABS
Aprilia Tuono V4
1971 BSA 350 Fury SS Prototype
2020 BMW R18
KTM 890 Duke R
2020 BMW F900XR
Vespa GTS 300

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2 responses to “The False Neutral Podcast #100 – Hitting The Ton”

  1. Fuhrman16 Avatar

    Wait, the new BMW cruiser is powered by a 1800cc engine that only manages to make 94 horsepower? D: My Mazda beats that with less displacement.

    1. Carl Jones Avatar
      Carl Jones

      Sorry, not sure what point are you trying to make? The engine is tuned for a more relaxing style of riding.
      If you want, BMW also do a 1000cc bike with close on 200bhp but that is not built as a cruiser.

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