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In case you hadn’t heard, the inaugural Radwood was held this weekend in Brisbane, California, right on the water on the peninsula just south of San Francisco. It was possibly the most amazing weekend I’ve had since my wedding two years ago. This event was the brain-child of The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast, Clutchkick Podcast, and Driving While Awesome! The art was all done by Kevin McCauley, of Automoji fame. My C&T co-host Cameron flew out west for the event, we recorded our 200th episode live at the show (then participated in a mega-podcast with the three shows joining forces for one big show), and we got to see some really rad cars. How does it get better than that?
Here are some photos that might help explain how awesome the event was, straight from the cameras of the attendees. Click through the jump to see more. In the interest of full disclosure, I helped create, promote, run, and fund this event. 

1 – The Viper

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BEAST IN SHOW 🐍🏆 #radwood

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This 1994 Dodge Viper was given the Best in Show trophy, as judged by the folks at Bring A Trailer (sadly their first pick, a gorgeous coke-white Porsche 911 Slant Nose, had already left the event). Kevin McCauley flew in from Texas for Radwood and copped this RT/10 as a rental on Turo. The trophy was given to the owner, according to Kevin. 
2 – The DeLorean

Possibly one of the minty-est DMC12s I’ve ever seen, this particular one is owned by a retrowave musician (FM-84 seen here in full McFly), because of course it is. 
3 – The Period Correct

I particularly loved how much people went along with the theme. This period-correct MotorWeek intro is exactly right for Radwood. The Prelude ain’t bad either. 
4 – The Best Cars

5 – The Mercs

There were two of these SEC pillarless coupes parked right by each other, and they were both spectacular. This was a lovely shot. 
6 – The Bring A Trailer Lancia

It’s hard to beat a Delta Integrale HF. We were ecstatic to have BaT in attendance for the inaugural Radwood, and they came out with a couple of gorgeous machines (the white 5-series is also theirs). 
7 -The Eurobeat RX7 

The owner of this car was hilariously into the concept of Radwood. His RX7 has been in progress for ages, but looked like a damn fine slice of JDM complete with anime boobies and more canards than you could count. 
8 – The outdoorsy accessories

Bike or surf? Depends on the day. 
9 – The electronics accessories

This ghetto blaster and period-correct tape set was getting attention all day sitting atop Dave’s El Camino. This car is extra rad because it’s sporting a Grand National turbo engine swap. 
10 – The overland adventure toaster

I will never ever not like a nice Delica. 
11 – The Ferrari

Yeah, we got a Ferrari to show up. The Mondial T Cab gets a lot of flak from enthusiasts, but I’m really starting to dig the heck out of them. It’s a simple design that doesn’t get enough love. And of course, when someone is dressed like Magnum PI, you have to pose them next to the red Ferrari. 
12 – The NSX

This is such a clean look, and a very understated design that still looks reasonably modern today. I like the new NSX, but I’d take this one if given the choice. 
13 – The 924 Turbo

Sadly I was too busy to catch up to the owner of this car, but allegedly this 924 Turbo was fitted with a 924 Carrera GTS body kit at the factory in-period. It’s not a true GTS, but if true, that’s one rare beast. 
14 – The Brothers

Lane of Driving While Awesome! invited his three car-crazy brothers, and they all took the event about as seriously as a heart attack. Check those period-correct clothes! Hard to argue with a copper Mk1 ‘rocco, too.
15 – The kiddos

Some folks brought along their children to help inspire a new generation of people who appreciate the lost era of automobiles. That was perhaps the best part. 
16 – Richard Chen 

A seriously cool guy, Richard went above and beyond. He said his outfit was “selling junk bonds by day, working for the Yakuza by night”. He also brought along a couple cases of Tab and Fresca for everyone to enjoy. 
17 – All of this

It’s rad enough to bring a perfect Civic Si on period Mugen wheels, but to do it with that outfit is tubular to the max. 
18 – Ali’s perfect ensemble

If you’re going to drive a drop-top Merc from the 90s, pack a cigar and dress the part. Make sure you answer your car phone with a resounding “YELLOW?”
19 – The venue

Brisbane Marina was the greatest place to host this show. Right on the water, you’d better make sure your parking brake works before driving out onto the lawn. 
20 – Dave

I don’t want to blow up his spot too bad, and because his Instagram account is private, I can’t link it here, but he did say I could use his photo for this post. Dave is the owner of the turbocharged El Camino, and a truly rad dude. He brought his whole family, and was taking photos with an old film camera. He then scanned and uploaded all of them to his IG account, and they’re spectacularly period correct. If you want to request to follow him, he is @davelc2. 
For a whole lot more, go to Instagram and check out the #Radwood tag. There are currently about 850 photos to peruse, so there’s your time sink for this afternoon. You can also check out @CammedAndTubbed, @DrivingWhileAwesome, and @ClutchkickPodcast for our own posts. 

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