The Drift Chronicles Part 3: Let's Talk Superstitions


Our friend the Drift Idiot is back at the track. This time Sam travels to the latest round of Formula Drift to capture some more insight in his ongoing Drift Chronicles series. The topic at hand here? Superstitions. These drivers have them, well except for Matt Powers who just likes to… umm, find a nice quiet place to sit before he drives.

Click past the jump to take in The Drift Chronicles 3. As always, make sure you stay to the end to get Courtney Hoofbart’s tale of superstitions galore.


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2 responses to “The Drift Chronicles Part 3: Let's Talk Superstitions”

  1. Guest Avatar

    You know, if Cortney Hossford put forth 1/10th the effort to actually driving instead of being a sideshow clown, he might actually make the big show. I guess when you're 30 years old and your parents foot the bill maybe that is the point?

  2. skitter Avatar

    Per always, this work deserves to be bigger. It deserves much more attention. EAT YOUR VEGETABLES, HOONIVERSE.

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