drift chronicles

[Editor’s Note – You remember the gent calling himself the Drift Idiot? His name is Sam Nalven and he’s on a mission to chronicle the current Formula Drift season, and his goal isn’t simply to cover the event but instead to dive a bit deeper. Here then is the first in a series of videos Sam is working on, and the it’s title titled The Drift Chronicles. Enjoy! –JG]

Professional drifters might seem like gods.

They are all incredibly handsome, have well chiseled abs, and their cars boast enough combined horsepower to impregnate most woman within a quarter mile radius. But they all started somewhere. They ran their precious cars into a lot of things to get where they are today, and it’s easy to forget that they all started as tire-pinching, sub 200HP, bumper-less and bare-bareknuckled grass-roots grease monkeys.

The goal of this series is to show the drifters as who they are – big ridiculous kids who usually don’t perform flawless tandem runs in slow motion while jamming to repetitive dubstep. They are unique spirits who have found a calling and are pursuing it, 9-5 jobs, financial ruination, and free time be damned.

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[youtube width=”720″ height=”405″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAyxVzSZQII[/youtube]

Thank you to Formula D for letting me walk around with a camera for 3 days and pretend like I knew what I was doing.

Special thanks to:
Paco Ibarra
Corey Hosford
Dustin Millard
Ryan Tuerck
Chris Forsberg
Pat Goodin
Danny George
Matt Field
Jeff Glucker