The Dodge Strattollargo Found on Ebay

This was submitted to our tip line here at Hooniverse Central by Texan-Idiot (Thanks Man!) and all I can say is WOW! Read more after the Jump… According to the listing:

Okay, this was a 4 door 1996 dodge stratus. The body was hand made by an aeronatic engineer (in metal). The car could use some block and sanding and repainting. As you see in the picture the car does look good. This is a full size dodge stratus that was turned into a coupe. Plenty of leg room, door popers, runs and drives, everything works, security alarm system and even has a one piece fiberglass top that is covered in black cloth with a glass window. Car has 19 inch custom rims. Interior has standard stratus interior and if I keep this car, I will customize the interior.This car runs and drives. The builder put a different type of headlights on the car, but they work fine. This will be the only time I will advertise this car for sell. This car has never been advertised before. The engine is in the front and is a standard dodge stratus 6 cylinder engine. I will provide more pictures of the car and of the top. The top is totally removable and very custom. Looks like the real thing.

Yea, it looks like the real thing……. if you’re drunk! Take a look at the listing here.

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