The DFL Show: Episode 4 – The Best Words W/ Duncan Ende

WRC - FINLAND RALLY 2014  - PHOTO : CITROEN RACING/AUSTRAL 03 Citroen Total Abu Dhabi WRT (FRA), MEEKE Kris NAGLE Paul, (GBR GBR), Citroen DS3 in action

Here on The DFL Show, we strive to have the best words. In this episode, unfortunately Stef could not be with us, but we were joined for the first time by new co-host Duncan Ende. Duncan is a great guy, and a full fledged racer with actual experience to back up his opinions. We’re very happy to have him aboard, and he’s welcome back whenever his schedule permits.

We start the show by asking Duncan about his career a bit (and ripping on the Nismo GTR LM at the same time), and move into some insider info on what it takes to be a driver and what they go through. We move into some light race recaps from NASCAR and Spa 24 and F1, and IndyCar and PWC and GRC and WRC. Then comes a bit of news: Brad tried Beard Papa’s, Eric tells us about Team Demolition Derby, IndyCar and PWC have started announcing their calendars.

Intercontinental GT3 Challenge is a thing that is supposedly happening. We speculate on who will care and why. Eric has a new quiz “Rally Finland Stage Name, Hockey Player Last Name, or Scandanavian Food”. Listener Questions, in which a racing driver punches Duncan in the dick and then Brad sings him a Karaoke rendition of Mr. Roboto. And finally we have our awards for the week, and we tell you what we’ll be watching this coming weekend.

The DFL Show – The Best Words – W/ Duncan Ende

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