The DFL Show: Episode 1 – Too Much F1


Welcome to a brand new weekly show dedicated to motorsport called The DFL Show. If you don’t know, DFL is a slang term in racing that stands for “Dead Effin’ Last”, because we’re the last ones in the game, the last ones to show up, and among the lowest qualified to have a show. It’s self deprecating because that’s what we do best. Hosts Bradley Brownell (Cammed & Tubbed/Hooniverse/FlatSixes), Eric Rood (Hot Rod/Roadkill/LeMons/Bangshift), and Pat Hoffstetter (Hooniverse/Freelance) gathered around the Skype machine this week to talk to you about racing, and have a lot of fun. We will work to keep episodes under an hour in the future, but for our first installment we went slightly over due to introductions and spending too much time talking about F1. We hope you enjoy this show, leave questions, comments, and concerns below, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

This week’s episode covers all of the racing that happened over the weekend, from IMSA in Canada to F1 at Silverstone, Virgin Supercars down undah’ to IndyCar in Iowa. We give introductions of who we are and how we got into racing. We discuss what we watched over the weekend, and what great racing it all was, and we give some awards at the end of the show for Race of the Week, Pass of the Week, Driver of the Week, and Jabroni of the Week. Eric has a list of what is coming up, so we discuss what we’re watching this coming weekend as well. We hope you enjoy this show, please subscribe, share with friends, review, interact, and discuss.

The DFL Show – Too Much F1

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6 responses to “The DFL Show: Episode 1 – Too Much F1”

  1. nanoop Avatar

    Hail the Fourth Column of the Hoonicast Empire! I duly added this to my AntennaPod list.

    I’m looking forward to a stream of crossing plots, surprising twists, drama, and bad-mouthing complementing the Race Recap episodes of The First Column.

    1. Bradley Brownell Avatar
      Bradley Brownell

      There’s a rumor that I might have something to do with future Race Recap episodes. We’ll see where that goes.

    2. nanoop Avatar

      Informative and rather focused, without being too sober – I like! Audio quality is also fine. I also like the attitude of not pointing out a single, personal performance (Patrick?)
      Pro-Tipp: in a decade or two you should stop pointing out that Patrick is younger, this will wash out anyway and alienate today’s toddlers.

      1. Patrick Hoffstetter Avatar

        Har har har.

        1. nanoop Avatar

          Since we don’t use smileys here you may have gotten me slightly wrong: It’s ok for episode 1 to mention ages, and maybe to pick on each other for being 40/30/20 once or twice, but it will annoy people inside the bracket and alienate younger and older folks. I wanted to warn, but tried to clad it in a nice wrapping, since it is episode one, after all, and hence doesn’t deserve harsh criticism for maintaining a “theme”.

          1. Patrick Hoffstetter Avatar

            Oh! I get what you are saying now. Gotcha.

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