"The Charles Barrett Special" Commando: A Quick Update

In its prerunning days
A couple days ago this olelongrooffan shared with my fellow Hoons my experience in collecting my new to me Jeepster Commando. And as I seem to be doing the last few vehicles, I named it. Yeah, my E30 ragtop was the “Black Beauty”, the Falcon Station Bus was “the olestationbus”, and my Comanche is the “Indian.” Appropriately enough, I bestowed my Commando with the moniker “The Charles Barrett Special.” Now after that post went viral, I happened to be reading that Book about my Face and I noticed that Dearthair had posted about that story and Charles Barrett responded with: “I feel that a discreet little brass plaque somewhere in the interior would be in order… or maybe an engraved set of truck nuts on the hitch…” Well, a few years ago, the Florida Legislature outlawed truck nuts in the Sunshine State so these lug nuts (shamelessly stolen from Dale Jr.’s pit stall a few years ago) will have to suffice. My apologies for them not being rainbow colored. And as far as that discreet little brass plaque? Bullshit my friend. No little brass plaque for cbcompcon. And the best part about driving “The Charles Barrett Special”? You only get it if you are a member of the cool crowd that hangs here in the Hooniverse.

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