The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 65 – Sports & Jokes

C&T 63

Jason’s sitting out this week because it’s his birthday, but Cam and Tub are in studio to entertain your ears. Cam’s still got less than stellar audio, but we deal. Hopefully back up and running like usual next week. Jason was on both TST and Hooniverse podcasts this week, though, so if you get a hankering to hear his beautiful voice, you have plenty of opportunity this week.

This episode’s topics include: Two of three Ds, Cam’s RX-7, Brad’s Jetta rental car experience, someone we don’t know taking delivery of the new LCI F30 340i, jealousy over Jason’s Huracan experience, Eric Rood’s LeMons car and a possible Cammed & Tubbed sponsorship deal, Cam played a solo concert and wrote a new song for Dirt Rockets called “73 RS” about, you guessed it…, and we introduce the “Facebook Car Club of the Week.

The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast – Sports & Jokes

Thanks for listening, from Cam, Tub, and Jason.

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