The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 106 – Apollo 13 With John Cary

C&T 106 This week, Cam and Tub are joined by Mr. John Cary of Axial Racing, a maker of fine radio controlled off-road vehicles. John has been on the show before, and was a great guest, so we had him back on to talk for a while. Tub and John met up at the Luftgekuhlt show in Los Angeles, and that was definitely part of the conversation. Otherwise we talk about a whole variety of things. Jason had computer troubles, so couldn’t join us this week, hopefully he’ll be back on next week to chat. This episode’s topics include: The d’s, R/C, Porsche stuff, Mustang memes, and Brad’s 1300 mile weekend road trip. Brad went to Seconds Saturdays in Oakland, drove down the 1, and went to Los Angeles for Luftgekuhlt. Brad and John met up at the show, and couldn’t stop geeking out about Porsches. Appropriate for this podcast, no? Cam was a guest on another podcast, so if you just can’t get enough of that jackwagon, go check out the Cleveland Moto podcast, coming soon. The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast – Apollo 13 As always, we’d really appreciate it if you would rate us on iTunes, share us with your friends, and maybe if you’re feeling nice, go give us a ‘like’ on Facebook. Also, go check out our curated music playlists on YouTube.

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