Many of us are finally sobering to the realization that the Tesla Cybertruck wasn’t a joke. It seems like Tesla really wants to build and sell this truck. Thousands of people put a deposit on it. I have theories and opinions on this truck that I’ll keep them to myself for now.

Those who put a deposit on this truck please have your head examined will probably have to wait at least two years for their rig to arrive, which is unfortunate. But what is fortunate is that you can have Tesla Cybertruck now in Lego version. Sort of, because it is not an official Lego set.

Peter Blackert, a Lego car builder type of dude, and an author of Lego books created his own Cybertruck. And it looks pretty bad-ass (the Lego truck, not the real truck) and rather realistic to the one some stoner Tesla made. You can see more of it and a SpaceX CyberTruck version on his Flicker account. He even made a little quad that goes in the bed and a little guy who is supposed to resemble Elon himself.

The darn thing is pretty awesome in the Lego version. I think it’s my favorite Cybertruck to date, surpassing Greg’s rendering. Peter included the solar cell bed cover, too. Sadly the tailgate that turns into a ramps seems to be missing from the production truck but it is present in the SpaceX version. True to the actual truck, side mirrors are missing in action.

Very cool design, Peter. Hopefully directions for it will be downloadable one day so that we all can build a Cybertruck of our own.