Ten Years Later: Lots of cars and major life changes

Ten years is a lot of time. More than a third of my life. Back when Hooniverse was founded, I entered my first semester in college. Ten years later I’m not just a different car person, but a different person entirely.

2009. A post-it note on my cork board has,” Live Life to the Fullest” on it in my best handwriting. And yet, I was doing anything but that. I was happy but wasn’t pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. Ever. I had the things I liked, and did those things and those things alone

2019. I seek out things that push me from my comfort zone. Regularly. Like the car I bought recently.

It’s been ten years of massive personal change for me. In the last ten years I’ve gone through a lot of cars. But ten years on, I’m at the far end of the extreme from where I was. Each has corresponded with a certain time in my life. Let the dichotomy speak for itself:

2009: Chevy Avalanche

2019: Mazda Miata

There’s been a bunch of others since then, too. In 2014 a Challenger R/T 100th Anniversary replaced the Avalanche. A VehiCROSS, WRX and Stormtrooper 4Runner came into the picture after that. Then a Corvette Grand Sport, a 5th gen 4Runner. And now, an MX-5.

Each car corresponded with a certain time in my life. An individual moment of personal change or development. Or, at times, lack thereof. Cars have always served as the backbone of who I was at the time. And who I am now.

It’s been a wild ride since 2009. An amazing amount of good sprinkled with serious bouts of bad. Hooniverse has been unequivocally good. I think I first heard of– or rather, stumbled upon– the site sometime in 2011 or 2012. It lured me in with its quirkiness, oddities, and spirit of not taking itself too seriously. Writing for this site has been nothing but a fantastic experience and I’m perpetually grateful for the opportunity to do so.

To the creators, readers, and everyone involved in the Hooniverse community: thank you. I love this website and the strange stories that come out of it and that it allows me to tell my own. I look forward to sharing more with everyone in the coming months, days, and years. This outlet is one-of-a-kind, and hopefully in ten years will still be so. Here’s to the next decade.

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2 responses to “Ten Years Later: Lots of cars and major life changes”

  1. Victor Avatar

    Thanks for all the output and reviews over the years. So many good stories , but the one that comes to mind was the electric golf cart/ wing tank mashup . Wish I had that in my garage. Heres to another decade .

  2. theskitter Avatar
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