Techno Classica Weekend Edition: 1991 Audi Avus Quattro

A suitable counterpart or companion piece for the restrained and tasteful – albeit orange – Quattro Spyder is the Avus concept, all bulges and polished surfaces. This is also a 1991 car, and mid-engined, but somehow it couldn’t be more different.
For some reason, I really enjoy Volkswagen Audi Group’s “Not Veyron” concepts.

Yeah, it’s all aluminium, not chrome. The shapes take their inspiration from Audi’s prewar racers, and the name Avus even reflects those days.
The Avus also introduced the W12 engine to the world. A 502-horsepower unit which of course sent power to all four wheels – or did it? The show car didn’t have the engine installed, but a mock-up in its place.
Yet, you can’t deny the striking looks of the Avus. “This is the part in quattro where we dance.”
And inside, red leather buckets.
Both cars side by side at Techno Classica, 18″ wheels gleaming.

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