It’s finally happening: the Stormtrooper 4Runner is about to receive some very desperately needed upgrades.
“What’s in the box?,” you ask? No, it’s not ARB armor– though that is what the company has come to be known for here in the ‘States. Rather, the contents of the deceptively large package are goodies from Australian suspension company–and subset of ARB– Old Man Emu. The Stromtrooper 4Runner has been in need of repairs and upgrades for a long time now, and the parts in the box pictured above are a vital step towards it becoming more comfortable, more capable, and more reliable as a long-term off-roading tool/toy. Of course, as is the case when working on a truck of this age and of the abuse that it’s seen, there’s a lot of “repair/replace that too while we’re in there” going on, so a few other parts have been acquired in addition to those from OME so as to make for a clean and structurally solid starting point going forward.
Yes, this is a deliberate and shameless teaser-plug to keep you and myself excited for things to come. It’s difficult to contain my excitement, and looking at the box on the floor every day– and not looking at the parts on the truck– is just shy of torture. Things should come together within the next few weeks, so stay tuned for more.