False Neutral Podcast #113 – Motorcycle Credit & Financing


The focus of this month’s episode is less on building motorcycles and more on buying them. We discuss BMW’s balloon-payment financing model, how special financing deals can make a brand-new vehicle more attractive than buying used, depreciation, and the wisdom of paying cash. After that, we wrap up by discussing new bikes that might get […]

The False Neutral Podcast #110 – Discount City!


Eric was in the broadcast booth this past weekend. He announced the Daytona 200 for the trackside crowd and the NBC Sports streaming broadcast. We recorded this episode before he left Michigan for Florida and we talk about his (at the time) upcoming broadcast. Garrett is back in good health! He finished settling into his […]

Two Wheel Tuesday: False Neutral Podcast #96 – Under Pressure


Garrett has finally started up his sleeper RZ350! Aaaand there’s yet another unexpected setback. My air compressor also crapped out, but its replacement arrived, as well as some new parts for both of my projects. Along the way, I talk about seeing the new Suzuki Katana in the flesh for the first time, and we […]

Last Call: Caged Spitfire is your $800 dream project

This may just be a shell, but the price is right and there is still good meat on the carcass of this old Triumph Spitfire GT6 roadracer. It come with a cage, and the faint aroma of past road course successes. You just need to provide…the rest of the car. Currently for sale in Polo, […]