False Neutral Podcast #126 – Garrett & Pete


Eric had a last-minute conflict and couldn’t join us for this month’s episode, so we make do with a smaller cast and somewhat abbreviated run time. Garrett and Pete discuss our project bikes (as usual), including updates on both of Garrett’s RZ350s. We also consider what large adventure bike Garrett might look for to add […]

False Neutral Podcast #124 – Back To The Shop!


This month’s episode is almost entirely our Workshop Update. Garrett freshened up his vintage Vespa Super Sport and unexpectedly focused his attention on the rat-rod RZ, while Pete has been developing a project concept around his Benelli frame. In the process of discussing these, we talk about how the Internet has changed parts chasing. It’s […]

The False Neutral Podcast #101 – More Two Stroke Love


This month there’s a lot going on in our workshops. Pete’s doing his usual hacking, and Garrett is doing his usual professional-level restoration work. Along the way, our discussion leads to all three of us fawning over how great two-strokes sound. Again. This episode even incorporates an audio clip. [Please comment on how much you […]

Two Wheel Tuesday: False Neutral Podcast #99 – I’m Not Cool Enough For This Party

The False Neutral Podcast Ep. 99

It’s just your three regular hosts this month, and we update you on our projects (and workshop spaces) extensively before going on to talk about electric bikes, then a couple of new bikes including the BMW R18, Harley Pan-American, and the Indian FTR Rally. As always, photos of all the bikes/planes/hot air balloons we discuss […]

Two Wheel Tuesday: False Neutral Podcast #96 – Under Pressure


Garrett has finally started up his sleeper RZ350! Aaaand there’s yet another unexpected setback. My air compressor also crapped out, but its replacement arrived, as well as some new parts for both of my projects. Along the way, I talk about seeing the new Suzuki Katana in the flesh for the first time, and we […]

Two Wheel Tuesday: False Neutral Episode 95 – Secret New Projects & EICMA 2019


After an update from Garrett on the (nearly done!) RZ, then surprising new project developments from both him and me, we delve into the new 2020 MY bikes, including some concept bikes from the EICMA show. As always, photos of all the bikes we talk about are included here. False Neutral – Secret New Projects […]

Two Wheel Tuesday: False Neutral Podcast #94: Welding & Grinding & Racing, Oh My!


Garrett’s RZ350 is sooo close to complete, Eric broke down and pulled the top end from the sad-trombone XS400, and another project that will never be completed has dropped in my lap. After our Workshop Update, we talk about new bikes that are here or coming soon, and then discuss recent competition, both off-road and […]

Two Wheel Tuesday: False Neutral Podcast #93 – Workshop Progress Extravaganza!


Making up for our lack of project updates last month, this one’s an almost-all-workshop episode. Garrett has created a very sophisticated airbox mod for the Kenny Roberts RZ using CAD software and his 3D printer. Pete has, at long last, finished his Honda CL125S—aaaaand it’s gone. He talks about the nostalgia he felt when he […]

Two Wheel Tuesday: False Neutral Podcast #91 – Side by Sides & A Chinese Hog


After updating listeners on Garrett’s continuing Kenny Roberts Replica RZ build, including his plan to 3D print a new airbox, Eric shares new tribulations with his never-running-right XS. We go on to discuss Harley’s joint partnership with Chinese manufacturer Qianjiang, and how side-by-sides are currently keeping the powersports industry afloat in North America. False Neutral […]

Two Wheel Tuesday: False Neutral Podcast #90 – Wild Cards


After our usual project bike updates, this month we discuss three listener questions: What’s your “wild card” bikes, which you’d like to own for a short time just to satisfy your curiosity? Can you buy a good beginner bike for $1000, and would a Kawasaki KLR650 be one of them? What should you do with […]