“The Bride” has an engine

Well, my CVT bike is coming together more quickly than my other projects. I had to cut the frame and weld in custom-bent down tubes, and I have finished the engine mounts.

Project V8 4th-gen 4Runner: Spring update

I’ve had the yet-to-be-named 4Runner for a few months now. (Millenium Falcon is the working title, in case you were wondering, continuing my Star Wars theme). As is the case with any new-to-you project, three things need to happen: Set a baseline, mend existing issues, and start improving. Much of this has happened. Progress has […]

Project Stormtrooper 4Runner: Closing thoughts and saying goodbye

Stormtrooper 4Runner

It’s the end of an era: the Stormtrooper 4Runner has been sold. It was the most meaningful vehicle to me in my automotive journey thus far. Coincidentally– or maybe not so much– it was also far and beyond my biggest project to date. Owning the Stormtrooper 4Runner never ceased to be an eye-opening learning experience. […]