What I learned from the Stormtrooper 4Runner project

Stormtrooper 4Runner

It’s been seven months since I sold the Stormtrooper 4Runner. It was my first true road-legal project, my first that really felt like a nonstop commitment. It was in my care for two years and change. Certainly enough time to get to know it, and more than enough time to love it dearly. And now, […]

Project “Conclusion”: 1991 Toyota MR2 “Someday Race Car”

Toyota MR2

Not all projects get the end they deserve. Not all get the end you want them to. Not all even turn out to be projects. My ill-fated MR2 was all of the above. My friend Dan and I picked up the little second-gen Toyota MR2 a few years back. We had big plans for the […]

Stormtrooper 4Runner: Fitting the Old Man Emu 3″ suspension lift

OME 3" lift for 4th gen 4Runner

An off-road vehicle is nothing if not for the ability of its tires to maintain traction. No traction means no forward progress. Without forward progress, a day spent wheeling quickly becomes a day spent getting unstuck. As every off-roader knows, that’s only fun for so long. This isn’t simply a tire issue though. Springs and […]