Last Call: Whats the funniest sticker you have seen on a vehicle?

DJR Mirror sticker

I spotted this great sticker on one of the Dick Johnson Racing Ford Mustang Supercars during the weekend’s coverage of racing from Hidden Valley in Australia. It gave me a good laugh and also got me thinking; what’s the best sticker you have ever seen on a car, truck, or race car? Last Call indicates […]

Last Call: Baby Bronco leaked

Ford Baby Bronco

It’s been a long time coming already. In addition to a full-on Bronco SUV, it appears that Ford will be releasing a smaller CUV in the coming months. Aptly named “Baby Bronco” among those speculating and waiting for the vehicle’s release, what we have here is another look at the small crossover. This time, it’s […]

Last Call: An American In Tallinn

While in Estonia this past July, I stumbled upon this Ram 1500 Crew Cab parked in front of St. Nicholas Church, in the middle of Tallinn’s Old Town. It had Estonian registration, but looked so remarkably out of place on those narrow, medieval streets.

Last Call: Hop aboard the Hoonline

Shigeru Komatsuzaki – Space train, 1981

There’s something inherently charming about past visions of the future. Visions from the last ~75 years of a high-tech world we might be living in now are, to me at least, utterly fascinating. Decades like the 1950s spawned brilliant concepts of how we might live, interact, and be influenced by space and interstellar flight. The […]