Lamest Classics: The Infiniti J30

Every two weeks, Lamest Classics looks at the unremarkable cars that now meet the 25-year rule for classic-car tags in most U.S. states. My brain is so stuck on COVID-19 that I’m having a tough time focusing on this week’s luxury Nissan alphabet soup, the Infiniti i30t. Wait. J30t. That’s it. Luxury cars, in general, […]

Lamest Classics: A Cleveland-based voice actor is more interesting than the 1995 VW Passat

Welcome back to our biweekly exploration of cars that are now 25 years old, and therefore eligible for classic tags in most U.S. states. The revolutionarily simple Beetle brought a reputation for reliability to the Volkswagen brand. It was different. It was clever. It was affordable. But there’s no nice way to say it: By […]