In Pictures: Caffeine and Carburetors, 10/20/2019

The morning was cool, dry. People milled about; steam rolled off uncovered coffee cups. And then, from afar, a bird-scattering noise. The indiscernible bellow of an exhaust. Echoing off the trees. Forcing eyes and ears to turn. Commanding attention and alerting all present to the serious caliber of machine being driven in. In the middle […]

Shows You Should Watch: Proving Grounds Indy 500 Special

Proving Grounds Indy 500 Special

Automotive programming is absolutely thriving right now. Be it on YouTube or traditional, good-‘ol-fashioned television, the variety and quantity of shows is astounding. That’s especially so coming up to Memorial Day Weekend, when the world-famous Indianapolis 500 race takes place. The crew at Proving Grounds have jumped on this. Once showcasing what can be done with […]

In Pictures: New Canaan Caffeine & Carburetors

Sunday morning car shows come in a wide variety. Here in the Northeast though they tend to fall into one of two categories. On one end is the traditional Cars & Coffee. You know the kind; any random parking lot serves as the backdrop for a few hours spent conversing about and looking over fellow […]

The Fast and the Furious has an animated Netflix show coming soon

The Fast and the Furious animated show on Netflix

A few weeks ago, I was perusing Netflix. There I saw a placeholder for an upcoming show that grabbed my attention. It had no logo, icon, description, or cast. But the title says “The Fast and the Furious Animated Show”. When you click into the show, it only has a brief description: “Adventures abound as a […]