Project V8 4th-gen 4Runner: Spring update

I’ve had the yet-to-be-named 4Runner for a few months now. (Millenium Falcon is the working title, in case you were wondering, continuing my Star Wars theme). As is the case with any new-to-you project, three things need to happen: Set a baseline, mend existing issues, and start improving. Much of this has happened. Progress has […]

2005 Toyota 4Runner Limited V8 4WD: Introduction

Here’s my newest acquisition: a 2005 Toyota 4Runner Limited in Titanium Metallic, with the 4.7L V8 and 4WD. I’ve been joking about what to name it, and the official name is TBD, but I really wanted to name it Britney because, well, oops… I did it again. Or “T-3PO,” aka “The Millennium Falcon.” There are […]