T-Topped TVR Taimar Tickles Temptation in Toronto

T-Tops FTW!
T-Tops FTW!

Canadians get all the breaks- real maple syrup; chicks on their money; and a mysterious appreciation for the sport of ice hockey. All that burns our non-Canadian bacon down here in the land where football is king and our money is un-fappable. But what really torques our touques is that they also get T-tops on their Taimars!
Available on what appears to be the Canadian version of Craigslist – which I think is called Craigslist, eh, err Kijiji – is a ’78 TVR that’s rocking a Ford 302 and a pair of removable roof panels for some sweet T-topping good times.
The fiberglass over tube-frame TVRs originally came with a selection of Kent fours, Triumph 2.5-litre sixes or the Capri’s 3.0 V6. In stock form, none of those ever put out the kind of torque that an even mildly modded small block V8 could, and so the conversion to the Ford 302 is a fairly common one, only made surprising by the dearth of space the 90-inch wheelbase appears to afford.
This car, with its 302, and Tremac T5 transmission, has had a recent restoration, and looks smart as a whistle. That won’t last long should an uninitiated get ahold of it, as that 300-bhp is just looking for a neophyte to kill. Fortunately the $18,500 (CAN) asking price will keep most dilettantes away, but still, cars like this should come with a warning label- MAY ATTEMPT TO MURDER YOU IN YOUR SLEEP.
That’s not to say the car can’t be enjoyable, just that it’d probably take a little bit of practice before flying solo. And what better classroom than inside a cocoon of leather and walnut with the sun shining down on you through the wide expanses of the open roof?
If you’re interested in it, the contact info is in the ad. On the downside, it says no emails, phone only, which may indicate that Murray the seller is a lonely guy and is just looking for someone to talk to. Probably about ice hockey. Kijiji Toronto


  1. Hockey isn't a sport. It's a religion. Fortunately, it seems to be the only thing where Canada is willing to export real talent. Lord knows the crap they send us masquerading as "rock bands" is far from talented. *cough*Nickelback*cough*
    Oh, right. This is a car blog. Well, a small block V8 in a car that had murderous intentions from the factory should be just fine. I mean, it can't be worse than handing the Unabomber a carton C4 and some nails or Kaleid Sheikh Mohamed a fully fueled 737, right?
    Now, I need to go find a good poutine recipe. Or head to Windsor.

    1. You failed to remember the acting talent we've sent your way. Mike Myers, Jim Carrie, Ellen Page, Kiefer Sutherland, Evangeline Lilly… and Pamela Anderson.

      1. Actors and comedians are a mixed bag. Yes, Mike Myers is hilarious, Jim Carrie used to be. Kiefer is not too bad for the roles he chooses. Pamela Anderson has talents, but not acting. There's also Dan Aykroyd and John Candy.
        However, on the flip side, we got Bryan Adams, Tom Green, Howie Mandel, and, worst of all, Martin Short. That last one puts you at a net negative for "good" talent exported to the US.

    2. Yeah, we also inflicted Bryan Adams on you. In our defense though, we just keep the good stuff for ourselves. I've seen the Tragically Hip live. I think Gord Downie might be the right kind of crazy to drive something like a TVR.

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