#SwedeSpeed @2PM EST: Randy Pobst!

If you have ever wondered what it’s like to be shot out of a cannon on a standing start, or what it’s like to use massive turbo lag to your advantage, or what it’s like to outdrag Porsches and Vipers down long straights in a Volvo S60 in the SCCA World Challenge, then this event is for you.  

Randy “The Rocket” Pobst will be all up in the twitterverse today at 2PM Eastern to answer any of your questions, including inane ones, so come prepared.

For those who have not met him, Randy is probably the single most professional and genuinely nice guy in motorsport.  Enjoy the conversation, show some decorum, and be civil, but most of all, participate.

To keep up on the action follow @VolvoCarsUS, @RandyPobst, and @KPAXRACING on twitter (while you are there, follow @TheHooniverse, too), and make sure all of your posts to Pobst have #SwedeSpeed in them.


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