I’m waiting on getting new all-terrain tires for the Sequoia right now. While I wait, I’ve had plenty of time to browse off-road videos. I even watched Jeff’s video with the Ford Tremor. Jesus, that’s a big truck.

I normally check in with Mighty Car Mods. I love their Bettle Sleeper video and every time they’ve strapped a turbo to something new. This time though I found something I wasn’t expecting. They have modified some four-wheel-drives. Not the Land Cruiser, Patrol, or Prado-kind of off-roaders, but a Suzuki Jimny and a Daihatsu Hi-Jet.

I’m definitely interested in non-traditional off-roaders like the little Kei truck. Robby DeGraff also told a story on the Off The Road Again podcast about sleeping in a Jimny in Iceland and I’ve been super interested in them ever since.

Enjoy the show! It’s not the typical off-road video to come out of Australia, but it is still very Mighty Car Mods.