Submission Thursday: A Whole Bunch of Unimogs!

Hollis writes:

Hey, I figured you guys might be interested in seeing these pics.

I was driving through La Junta, Colorado (generally a less than remarkable town on the plains of eastern Colorado) yesterday, and I passed a dozen or so Unimogs in one place. Naturally I had to stop. Turns out the guy who owns the place runs a Unimog dealership/specialty mechanic. He imports some of them, and others he buys already imported. He said the 02-06 are easy, because they were made available for US import (I didn’t know that), but that he gets quite a few that aren’t 25 years old but have been able to get around that rule and are road legal with titles. Inside the shop was his personal collection (I didn’t get any pictures…), he had a 63 Unimog, another one from the 70s, as well as a Lamborghini Diablo and a beautiful 56 Studebaker Golden Hawk. The Hawk was actually the guy’s grandmother’s, and when she passed away in the 60s his dad got the car, and then sold it in 69. This guy found it 5 years ago- the same exact car, and bought it.

The one that intrigued me the most (me being a firefighter) was the Unimog turned fire engine. The owner said that the BLM in Nevada had six or so Unimogs they were trying out. I don’t know if they still had any, but this guy had two of them (the other one is the one in lime green with no back- the whole fire engine body had been removed). The one still assembled was fully functional, and he was trying to sell it to a fire department. One cool thing was that it had a dozer blade on the front, so not only could you flow some water from the engine, but you could cut some serious fireline with it. That’s a pretty rare combination- usually engines and dozers are two separate pieces of equipment.

The guy was pretty cool and seemed happy to take a few minutes to chat to someone else who at least knew what a Unimog was. So if anyone is ever passing through La Junta, I would encourage them to stop it. The shop is right on US-50, just look for all the Unimogs, you can’t miss it.

Anyway, sorry for some of the pics being lousy, all I had with me was my phone.

Hope you like them, feel free to use them and anything I’ve written for the site if you want to.

I am guessing that Hollis came upon Rob Pickering´s Colorado Unimogs, which I guess is somehow connected to So much want in these pictures. Thanks, Hollis.
Excuse me, I have a flight to book.

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