Subaru Forester XT Overland: It's A Subaru Thing You Wouldn't Understand

One of the cool coming trends in the automotive world is people taking Subaru Outbacks and Foresters and turning them into true off-road vehicles capable of going well into the backcountry.  As you might guess, this trend started in the wilds and expanse of Austrailia, though to be fair, some Subaru enthusiasts have been doing this here in the States for decades.
This particular example is one of the more hardcore versions we’ve seen.  The owner, Harley, has spent some a good amount of time and money crafting his rig, which each step well thought out.  Built with the team at Leadfoot Offroad in La Verne, CA, who fabricated the front steel bumper with recovery points and a 9,500-pound winch up front, and a rear swing out bumper, also with Anderson Design and Fabrication who developed the lift kit.

When you open the hatch on this Subaru, it has a “kitchen” with a one burner stove, a sink, and a refrigerator.  It may not be the Bowman Odyssey Rig ready to spend 12 months off the grid, but for a weekend of hiking and camping, it should be more than enough.
Two very cool “performance” mods to Harley’s Forester are a WRX engine swap, at 4,500 pounds fully loaded it needs the extra grunt, and a set of Sparco Terra Rally Wheels, which drop fifty pounds from the steel wheels they replaced.
OK, this rig isn’t going to be running King of the Hammers, or rock crawling, but for 95% of what you think you’d need a 4Runner or some other SUV for, this Forester looks more than capable of handling.  Called Fozroamer you can follow the build and adventures on its website.
Following is a 26-minute video that gives you the full walkaround of the Forester, and once you are done, it may send you off to Craigslist looking for your own Subaru to modify.

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