Streetwalking: Willys Jeep Pickup!

Some would say it's seen better days. I'd say it can't get much better than this.

This little beauty was parked outside my hotel recently, and I caught a few photos with my iPhone. I liked it so much, I went back with my good camera to get more shots.

Needs a tune-up, maybe a bit of a wash. And absolutely nothing else.

Well, perhaps “parked” is a bit of a strong word. It looks more like “abandoned” is the correct term, as it doesn’t appear to have moved in quite some time. Still, in so doing, this Willys managed to acquire one of the most perfect patinas we’ve seen in a very long time. Enjoy the gallery below.
With a bit of research, I’ve managed to narrow this down to a model range between 1955 and 1960; it has the split windshield of a pre-1960 model, and the hood ornament of a post-1955 model. Other than that, I can’t narrow it down any further. Can anyone else get more specific?

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25 responses to “Streetwalking: Willys Jeep Pickup!”

  1. BrianTheHoon Avatar

    Now THAT'S what i call PAH!tina!

  2. lilwillie Avatar

    It has "get me stuck" written all over it.

  3. Goingincirclez Avatar

    Willys: How to spell "WANT" with 6 letters.

    1. Deartháir Avatar

      None of this is an intentional customizing cue. It's clear that it's just been sitting for eons, so it wasn't planned out. There's no clearcoat over the patina or anything, it's just bare metal.

  4. ptmeyer84 Avatar

    Perfect Patina.
    BTW does anyone else think of Dan Auerbach's song "Streetwalking" whenever they read this? The Black Keys FTW!
    I REALLY want that hood ornament for my desk.

    1. Black Steelies Avatar

      LOVE that band. Good call, gotta listen now.

    2. Tim Odell Avatar
      Tim Odell

      Black Keys FTMFW

  5. Impalamino Avatar

    I'm no expert at dating a Willys, but that tailgate seems to point to it being an earlier model—perhaps earlier than 1955. Interestingly, it appears as though the "W" is painted on, rather than stamped into the tailgate "W (over) O".
    Of course, having some mix of parts from various years is entirely possible, since these were pretty similar year-to-year for two decades.
    Great truck, but those way-too-modern tires are throwing me off. Needs more Military Non-Directionals.

    1. engineerd Avatar

      "I'm no expert at dating a Willys…"
      You're more of a love 'em and leave 'em type, eh?

      1. Impalamino Avatar

        Nothing so glamorous as that. I'm just going through an awkward phase; I do, however, aspire to becoming a globe-trotting mustachioed cad.

        1. engineerd Avatar

          Well, get out there my friend! Practice makes perfect!
          Me, well, my moustache is pretty horrific. I'm more of the baby-faced, "daddy won't mind me dating him" type that uses my innocent looks for nefarious enterprise.

  6. muthalovin Avatar

    Wow, that is a pretty serious find there. That patina is really awesome. 4 Wheel Drive looks like it was written in blood many years ago, but never washed off.

  7. engineerd Avatar

    This thing was just screaming for some Candlebox:
    Now maybe
    I didn't mean to treat you bad
    But I did it anyway
    And now maybe
    Some would say your life was sad
    But you lived it anyway
    And so maybe
    These Hoons they stand around they watch your crumble
    As you falter to the ground
    And then someday
    These Hoons they buy you and get you driving
    Oh you were driving on the highway
    But then someday Hoons look at you and want to call you their own
    They watch you suffer
    Yeah they hear you calling for them
    But then some day we could take our time
    To brush the leaves aside so you can reach us
    But you left me far behind

    Surprisingly, the lyrics work pretty well with only minor modifications.

  8. tristan Avatar

    looking at those tyres someone loves it . post it up on pirate4x4 , someone will know who owns it

  9. Tim Odell Avatar
    Tim Odell

    That's about $1000 in tires, so I doubt it's completely abandoned.
    For the most part, Willys/Kaiser vehicles sourced parts from other manufacturers or suppliers. That, combined with long product life cycles means almost any engine/trans/t-case/axles combo will bolt into most of these.
    For this era, I'd rock a stroker AMC 6.
    (CJ 258 + Later 4.0L head + correct rods = 4.6L stroker).

    1. Deartháir Avatar

      I was actually thinking an early AMC 327. Not exactly known for massive horsepower, they were primarily intended for the larger station wagons, so they produced excellent torque. I remember years ago seeing a few hop-up kits for them, primarily intake and heads. Old enough to still seem period-correct, powerful enough to be a nice hop-up, and with a wonderful exhaust note to boot.

    2. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

      I think I'm growing a man crush on you. Little Golan Engine action perhaps?

  10. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

    Tire clearance? We won't be needing that with stock springs…
    so where did you find this stray pup? I have a wifely sanctioned spot in the driveway to park it in.

  11. coupeZ600 Avatar

    This guy lives right down the street from me, and I've got some better pics but I thought you guy's might like this view because he's got a bunch of MG's and Triumphs in his yard. This one's a '63 I think, but he's got a few more in the back-yard and when I see him next time I'll ask him about this.

  12. coupeZ600 Avatar

    This guy lives right down the street from me, and I've got some better pics but I thought you guy's might like this view because he's got a bunch of MG's and Triumphs in his yard. This one's a '63 I think, but he's got a few more in the back-yard and when I see him next time I'll ask him about this.
    <img src="; border="0" alt="Photobucket">

    1. CptSevere Avatar

      Very nice. There's a guy here with one that's nicely fixed up, red with nice meaty wheels and tires and a loud V8. I love seeing these fixed up and taken care of.

  13.  Avatar
    1. Impalamino Avatar

      Somebody owns those woods. Not sure how things work where you are, but where I'm from the county assessor has a website where any piece of property can be clicked on in map form, which then gives you the owner and tax information. Maybe you'll get lucky and he/she will let you have it just for hauling it out. Then again, it's probably owned by some crazy old codger with a totally irrational attachment to the Scout, happier to see it rot into the ground than to see someone take a shot at fixing it up.
      It's a starting point anyway. Save the Scouts!

  14. Wes Kibble Avatar

    I have always wanted one of those!

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